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Crestron Introduces Battery-Powered Shades to its Custom Shades Portfolio

Crestron Electronics, the leading home automation manufacturer, has launched a new line of battery-powered shades to add to its robust portfolio of custom shades.

The new shades offer homeowners a simple but sophisticated shading experience with its ability to natively and seamlessly integrate with the Crestron Home platform. The battery-powered shades completes Crestron's shading portfolio including wired and wireless shades.

According to John Clancy, Executive Vice President, Residential, Crestron, "Battery-Powered Shades represent an important milestone for the Crestron Home platform, we are now able to offer a complete solution that meets all the needs of homeowners. Dealers no longer have to piecemeal a system together if there is a window located in an awkward location where wires can't be run. The robust control options within Crestron Home coupled with our new fabric options make our entire shading portfolio and incredibly attractive solution for dealers and homeowners alike."

What are the advantages of Crestron Battery-Powered Custom Shades?

  • No wires and no local power supply required.

  • Can be installed anywhere. Ideal for homes with windows in awkward locations where wires can't be run.

  • New brushless motor design means whisper quiet operation.

  • Quick installation.

  • Easy battery replacements. Thanks to the native integration with Crestron Home, battery life will be calculated and communicated to notify the homeowner when in need of a new battery. Homeowners can replace the battery like most consumer devices. The shades can be snapped back into place with no disassembly required.

  • Competitive pricing.

Ready to get started? Contact PSI, Bermuda's Crestron Elite Technology Professional at



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