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Entertainment Solutions.

Media Room.

Our Team is here to help you outfit this multipurpose space with everything you need to get the best experience, as you gather with friends to watch the big game, or enjoy family time with your favourite movie or show.  


Imagine your media room with a large flat-screen TV or projector, surround sound audio, and cozy seating.  PSI Ltd can make it happen.

Media Room

Home Theatre.

We can help you bring the experience of a commercial theatre into the privacy of your home.  Our experienced Team will work with you to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theatre.  

Imagine surround sound audio processing coupled with the highest resolution video to the largest display or screen that your space can accommodate.  Elevate the experience with movie theatre style seating, lighting and room temperature control.  The possibilities are endless. 

Home Theatre

Whole Home Audio Distribution.

Enjoy your choice of high quality music throughout your entire home, or just in the room of your choice.   Choose a streaming service such as TuneIn or Deezer, and adjust the volume while you relax with your newest read. 


Imagine listening to a soothing jazz channel on SiriusXM satellite in one room, while your kids listen to the Top 10 podcasts with their favorite celebrity in another room.


Wirelessly send your personal audio content from your mobile device to your room speakers or share with family.


Our services also include migration of your audio CD library to digital format.

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Whole Home Audio Distribution

Whole Home Video Distribution.

Whether from your cable box, Blu Ray DVD player, Apple TV, or IPTV, you can view your show from any of these sources from any display in your home, and listen to the audio from the display or ceiling mounted speakers. 


Our Team will design your system so that your video sources are dedicated to a room, or available as a global source to all the rooms.


You can also wirelessly send the latest TikTok or YouTube video from your personal device to the display to share with family and friends.

Whole Home Video Distribution

Exterior Audio & Video.

Enjoy the ultimate audio and video experience while you're outdoors with weatherproof speakers and rain resistant video displays installed by our trained technicians. 


Control your entertainment from a dedicated weatherproof remote or your handheld wireless device.

Exterior Audio & Video
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