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Infrastructure Solutions.

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Sound Masking.

PSI Ltd offers sound masking solutions to protect speech privacy and reduce distractions of nearby conversations while improving worker productivity and comfort. 

Sound masking works by emitting a uniform, barely perceptible background sound into the environment through speakers located in our above the ceiling.  It is used various environments such as corporate, healthcare, hospitality, education, and venues. 

Why use sound masking? 

  • Create a collaborative work environment without jeopardizing speech privacy

  • Reduce the need for expensive sound absorptive and blocking materials

  • Build out fewer private offices which maximizes existing office space

  • Meet LEED indoor environmental quality requirements without sacrificing worker comfort or privacy

Sound Masking
Structured Wiring

Internet Connectivity.

Our Team can install multiple access points and controllers to provide wireless connectivity throughout your home or business.  We can also monitor your wired/wireless devices' connectivity via an application to provide you with remote support.

Internet Connectivity

Fire Alarm Systems.

PSI Ltd provides commercial and residential fire alarm/life safety solutions. 


We follow NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards for testing and maintenance.  We also offer replacement and upgrade of existing fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

Structured Wiring.

The connected home or office has become a reality in our lives.  PSI Ltd will connect your voice, data, audio and video signals throughout your house to a centrally location via high capacity data and video cable.


Create a high-speed, efficient and reliable network to connect multiple computers in your home or small office.  You can have an efficient private network where you can share data files, access printers, play network games and back-up systems.

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