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Environment Solutions.

Integrated Lighting Control.

PSI Ltd can help you sculpt your home with lighting. Create beautiful scenes of ambience all with the touch of a button, pre-set to deliver the correct levels you have chosen for the occasion.  You can have pre-set levels for dinner, task mood, cooking, party mood, or away. 


Dimmers can adjust internal lighting according to the amount of natural light available, which will allow you to save energy.  Put your kids to bed and set the dimmer to slowly dim over a period of time to make going to be easier for the little ones. 


No need to remember if you turned all the lights off on your way out, just press the convenient master off button from your touch panel and all the lights will automatically be switched off.

Crestron Integrated Lighting and Shades Brochure.png
Integrated Lighting Control

Motorized Shading & Drapery Systems.

Add beauty, convenience and comfort throughout your home with our motorized shading and drapery systems. 


Enhance the look and feel of any room with our selection of transparent, translucent, and blackout fabric materials, our options for roller shades, skylights, drapery track, or a combination - all with silent motors and one touch control.


Our solutions not only allows you to set the mood anytime, day or night at the touch of a button, but it also lowers your electricity bills and increase your home's value and security.

Crestron Motorized Shades and Drapery Brochure.png
Motorized Shading & Drapery

Entrance Gate Control.

Want to control the vehicular and pedestrian traffic to your residence? 


Integrate control of your entrance gate to your system to view and communicate with the person at the gate.  Our solutions allow you to monitor and control from anywhere off-site for deliveries and service providers.

Entrance Gate Control


Increase the security at your home or business while providing a stylish welcome to your visitors.  Our Team will set it up so you can view visitors from the intercom's hidden camera on your room display or personal mobile device, and integrate it to allow for release of the door lock.  


Intercoms can also be set up so that you can communicate from room to room, or from device to device.


Pool Control Systems.

Take control of your pool and spa experience with access to features via your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PCs. 


PSI Ltd solutions give you full control of your pool ecosystem, like reviewing the chemical composition history, and integrate it to your Home Control system for the ultimate convenience.

Crestron integrates with the most popular swimming pool and spa equipment manufacturers such as Jandy and Pentair. 

Pool Control Systems

Temperature Control.

Our Team can integrate simple or complex control of your environment so that you can view temperature and humidity of rooms, and make adjustments to the room temperature based on if the room is occupied or unoccupied.

Temperature Control
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