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Exciting New Additions to the Crestron Digital Workplace Portfolio

Bring workflow, collaboration, and productivity to your organization with new desk scheduling, scalable audio, and an all-in-one collaboration bar.

New Crestron Digital Workplace solutions

Crestron Desk Scheduling Solutions Take the Work Out of Finding a Workspace

Crestron Desk Scheduling solutions

Reserve on-the-spot with a tap on a compact touch screen or a quick scan of a QR code on your phone. Or reserve to ensure you can get right down to work in your preferred space. Whatever your preference, Crestron desk scheduling solutions make it a simple, pleasing experience.

Download below 👇 to learn more about Crestron Desk Scheduling Solutions.

Crestron Desk Scheduling Solutions
Download • 1.76MB

All-in-One Collaboration Bar for Medium and Large Rooms

Crestron Videobar 70

Videobar 70 is a single, easily deployable device with everything you need to create premium hybrid experiences. Intelligent video capabilities from four high-resolution cameras. Stereo speakers with the capacity to fill the room with sound. Android OS® for easy install.

Download below 👇 to learn more about Crestron Videobar 70.

Crestron Videobar 70
Download • 3.35MB

Scalable Wireless Audio Solutions

Crestron Flex Pods

Crestron Flex Pods have the flexibility to adapt to different meeting types, so everyone can hear and be heard clearly. Wireless, modular, and scalable, you can easily pair more or move them around to cover any space — no matter how the room is set up or people spread out.

Download below 👇 to learn more about Crestron Flex Pods.

Crestron Flex Pods Scalable Wireless Audio
Download • 203KB


Precise Systems Integration Ltd

Precise Systems Integration Ltd (PSI Ltd) is a Crestron Elite Technology Professional. Contact us today to design and build your digital workplace.

PSI is a Crestron  Elite Technology Professional



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