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  • Precise Systems Integration

Get peace of mind with home security

We all want to make sure our property and loved ones are safe and secure.

The PSI Team has been busy installing IP cameras and video doorbells for homeowners on the Island to provide them with peace of mind.

These devices allow you to see what's happening around your property at any given time, while smart door locks let you control who's coming and going.

PSI's professionally installed IP cameras and video doorbells enable you to:

  • Monitor your property right from your mobile phone

  • Receive a notification and snapshot when there is activity outside

  • See who is at the door and get notified when a package is dropped off

  • Visible cameras help deter mischief and crime

  • Give individuals their own smart door lock code and know when they are coming and going.

When it comes to security, professional installation is the way to go.

Contact PSI at or visit our Environment Solutions to learn more.



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