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Revolutionizing the Digital Workplace: Unpacking Crestron's Latest Innovations from Infocomm 2023

Last month we attended Infocomm 2023, the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America, with thousands of products for audio, conferencing and collaboration, display, video, streaming, control, digital signage, Enterprise IT, security, VR, higher education, and live events. Here are a few products that blew us away.

Educational meeting using Crestron Flex Pods

Crestron Flex Pods

U-shaped meeting room using Crestron Flex Pods

Crestron Flex Pods are an ideal audio solution for modern workspaces that require flexibility and adaptability. These wireless, modular, and scalable pods provide high-quality sound in any space and are easy to move around with the push of a button. They also have features such as auto-mixed directional mics with 360-degree pickup, noise reduction, echo cancellation, and automatic gain compensation for clear audio.

Crestron Flex Pods

Additionally, they are paired with the XiO Cloud platform for firmware updates, monitoring, and management. With Crestron Flex Pods, it's easy to create productive hybrid meetings in any configuration or layout. This makes them an ideal choice for large spaces or unconventional setups. With Crestron Flex Pods, audio becomes easier than ever before.

Learn more about Crestron Flex Pods here.

Crestron Videobar 70

Meeting room with participants and Crestron Videobar 70

Embracing advancements in unified communications, the Crestron Videobar 70 is the dynamic solution to meet all your hybrid meeting needs. This all-in-one video conferencing system is a powerhouse of features and modern technology, designed to deliver premium hybrid experiences. With intelligent video capabilities from four high-resolution cameras, 24 beamforming microphones for clear voice capture, and robust stereo speakers to fill the room with rich audio, it ensures that every participant, near or far, is connected with clarity and precision. The device also offers seamless integration with Android OS®, enabling an easy installation process and efficient operation.

Crestron Videobar 70 four cameras

The Videobar 70 is not just about the present, but also keeps an eye on the future. Built on the newest technologies, it possesses the computation power to handle today’s meetings and the innovative capabilities to adapt to the needs of tomorrow. Its compatibility with Microsoft Teams® Rooms and Zoom Rooms® ensures that your conference room will remain relevant and utilizable in the long run.

Large meeting room using Crestron Videobar 70

Be it large conference rooms or midsized ones, the Videobar 70 simplifies the equation with less equipment, fewer cables, and a straightforward installation process. The Crestron Videobar 70, with its combination of comprehensive features and future-ready design, sets the benchmark for hybrid meeting solutions.

Learn more about the Crestron Videobar 70 here.

Crestron Desk Scheduling Solutions

Semi-private offices using Crestron Desk Scheduling solutions

Crestron Desk Scheduling Solutions are revolutionizing the modern workplace through advanced technology that ensures seamless management and optimization of workspace utilization. These solutions extend the benefits of room scheduling to individual desks, transforming traditional workspaces into fully schedulable workstations.

With features allowing instant reservation through a simple tap on a compact touchscreen or a scan of a QR code, finding and booking a workspace has never been more efficient and user-friendly.

Desk with Crestron Desk Scheduling solutions
Flex office space using Crestron Desk Scheduling solutions

The solutions also offer substantial benefits for managing workspace utilization data. Its integrated technology allows for real-time monitoring of space use, facilitating informed decisions about real estate investments. Additionally, the organization and management of all devices are streamlined through the XiO Cloud® technology platform, which can handle deployment at scale, manage firmware upgrades, and monitor the health of devices across your organization.

With Crestron Desk Scheduling Solutions, the challenges of managing a hybrid work environment are significantly minimized, leading to an efficient, productive, and satisfying work experience.

Learn more about Crestron Desk Scheduling Solutions here.


Precise Systems Integration Ltd is a Crestron Elite Technology Professional

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