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Fast and Simple Source to Display with DM Lite Small Room AV Solutions

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In the realm of AV solutions, simplicity and performance often travel on parallel lines. Bridging this gap, Crestron introduces DM Lite – a suite of high-performance products designed to provide simplicity without compromising on quality.

The Magic of DM Lite Small Room AV Solutions

DM Lite offers an abundance of benefits, from cost-effective, high-grade 4K signal transport to flexible pairing options that cater to various signal extension requirements. What's more, its point-to-point rooms require no programming, making it user-friendly even for the novices in AV technology!

Enhancing the versatility of DM Lite are its multifaceted applications. With .AV Framework™ software, you can click and configure multisource rooms with ease. The power to add advanced capabilities such as wireless conferencing or lighting control to your rooms is now at your fingertips.

Plug, Play and Beyond with DM Lite

The Plug-and-Play feature of DM Lite takes simplicity to a new level. Just plug a DM Lite transmitter (TX) into a DM Lite receiver (RX) and - voila! - you're set to transmit video with device control via CEC. No programming needed!

Taking it a notch higher, the .AV Framework allows you to transmit video and plug-in local sources, like a Blu-ray® player or Amazon Fire TV™ Stick 4K with just a few clicks. Want more? The VC-4-based .AV Framework rooms bring you a control system in the cloud, making it effortless to integrate features like lighting and shade control, occupancy sensors, or even Crestron Flex at any time.

Hybrid meeting presentation at the office.

DM Lite Components: The Building Blocks

The components of DM Lite – the switchers, transmitters, and receivers – are tailor-made to foster seamless AV experiences.

  • DM Lite switchers offer unrivalled features like auto-routing, priority-routing, and native display control, while also allowing remote extension of input and output devices.

  • The DM Lite transmitters deliver a high-value, low-complexity solution to extend HDMI signals, while also supporting USB-C and enabling power.

  • To top it off, DM Lite receivers are interoperable with DM Lite transmitters and switchers, ensuring smooth extension of HDMI signals over a CATx cable.

With DM Lite from Crestron, creating simple, flexible, and dynamic AV solutions for your small rooms has never been easier. Discover the power of DM Lite and redefine your AV experiences! Let PSI help you find the solution that meets your needs - email us at or call 232-7745.

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