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Wireless Presentation And Conferencing Systems Designed For How We Work Today

A meeting setting with a presenter using Crestron's wireless presentation and conferencing systems.

Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation and conferencing system

Crestron’s AirMedia® wireless presentation and conferencing enables you to wirelessly present, share, and video conference from any device. Quick access to cameras, speakers, microphones, and displays helps blur the lines between in-person and remote attendees enabling more natural and productive meetings.

The AirMedia® Advantage

The Crestron product ecosystem advantage allows you to add even more capabilities to rooms:

  • Occupancy sensors to wake the room up, touch screens to manage schedules and content, and DigitalMedia™ technology to enable wired presentation and content distribution.

  • Manage organizational messaging from one location and provide custom digital signage capabilities in every space.

  • Improve the effectiveness of internal communications by combining AirMedia with the services of our integrated software partners.

AirMedia Wireless Presentation and Conferencing Systems

AM-3000-WF AM-3200-WF-I

AM-3000-WF-I AM-TX3-100

AM-3100-WF AM-TX3-100-I

AM-3100-WF-I AM-TX3-100-CRADLE



Include the Jabra® PanaCast 50 for a complete BYOD experience!

Jabra PanaCast 50 device

Visit Crestron’s Design Database for application drawings and examples to ensure successful outcomes on all projects.


Crestron Elite Technology Professional badge

Precise Systems Integration Ltd (PSI Ltd) is a Crestron Elite Technology Professional. Contact us today to design your wireless presentation and conferencing system.



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