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Capture the Potential of Every Meeting Room with Crestron Room Essentials

A conference call presentation is being held in a meeting room using Crestron Room Essentials.

With Crestron Room Essentials you can make the improvements to make all your upcoming meetings a success. Extend the reach of your digital content. Improve sound. Clear the table for more collaboration and less cable confusion.

Crestron Room Essentials DM Lite

DM Lite®

DM Lite transmitters, receivers, and switchers can be mixed and matched to create simple systems for most spaces. Pair them based on form factor and the type of signals that need to be transmitted along with HDMI® signals. Add more capabilities, such as wireless conferencing or lighting control, to your rooms at any time.

Crestron Room Essentials DigitalMedia USB Extenders

DigitalMedia™ USB Extenders

Distributing and sharing digital content is at the heart of every collaboration. The USB over Category Cable Extender, Remote extends any USB 1.1 or 2.0 device up to 330 ft (100 m) point-to-point over one CAT5e (or better) unshielded twisted pair cable.

Crestron Room Essentials Speakers


Audio is an essential part of every room and every collaboration. Fill your rooms with the unmistakable quality of Crestron speakers. Choose from your shape, size, and type with a vast array of solutions including in-ceiling, in-wall, subwoofers, surface mount, and pendants.

Crestron Room Essentials FlipTop


FT2 Series FlipTop™ cable management systems make it simple to connect at a conference room table or lectern. All connections and cables are concealed inside beautiful drop-in industrial designs. And with their highly modular design, FT2 FlipTops can easily be configured and updated to meet the specific needs of any meeting space.

For application drawings and examples, visit Crestron's Design Database.


Crestron Elite Technology Professional

As a Crestron Elite Technology Professional, PSI Ltd has the expertise and experience to ensure a successful outcome for your meeting room setup. Contact us today.



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