5 Reasons to Add Lighting and Shade Automation to Your Home

Reason #1: Convenience

Manually raising and lowering a few shades seems easy enough. But what if you want to adjust all of the shades on the south side of your home? The same goes for lights; manually adjusting one room is fine, but turning off lights in many rooms as you rush out the door is a hassle. Wouldn't you love to be able to control all of your lights and shades from a single touch screen or your mobile device? Or to have a "Bedtime" button that sets lights and shades throughout your home according to your night-time needs?

PSI uses Crestron automation to combine personalized control of your lights and shades with the ultimate convenience.

Reason #2: Comfort

Automated lighting control and shading solutions make your home even more comfortable for your family and guests. Why wake to a beeping alarm when your shades can rise slowly to gradually let in the sun? If you need a drink of water in the middle of the night, w