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5 Reasons to Add Lighting and Shade Automation to Your Home

Reason #1: Convenience

Manually raising and lowering a few shades seems easy enough. But what if you want to adjust all of the shades on the south side of your home? The same goes for lights; manually adjusting one room is fine, but turning off lights in many rooms as you rush out the door is a hassle. Wouldn't you love to be able to control all of your lights and shades from a single touch screen or your mobile device? Or to have a "Bedtime" button that sets lights and shades throughout your home according to your night-time needs?

PSI uses Crestron automation to combine personalized control of your lights and shades with the ultimate convenience.

Reason #2: Comfort

Automated lighting control and shading solutions make your home even more comfortable for your family and guests. Why wake to a beeping alarm when your shades can rise slowly to gradually let in the sun? If you need a drink of water in the middle of the night, wouldn't it be nice if your lights automatically came on as you walked down the hall?

Crestron lighting and shades infuse your home with simple comforts that are the essence of luxury living.

Reason #3: Security

There's no question that automated lighting and shading discourage potential intruders. By automatically turning lights on and off, or raising and lowering shades at preset times, your home becomes more secure whether you're home or away.

On top of that, being able to control all of your lights and shades from anywhere give you greater peace of mind. For example, if you hear a suspicious noise in the middle of the night, you can turn on all of your interior and exterior lights right from the bedroom.

With Crestron lighting and shades, precision control translates in to greater safety and security for your home(s).

Reason #4: Energy Savings

Automated lighting and shading systems translate into year-round saving son electrical, heating and cooling costs. As much as 50% of a home's energy can be lost through its windows, adding up to 25% to heating and 75% to air conditioning bills. Crestron shades and draperies provide insulation and manage solar heat gain - allowing more warmth from the sun when you want it, or blocking it out when you don't.

Waiting for a room to get too hot or cold drives up energy use needlessly; automated shades eliminate waste by raising or lowering based on time of day, room temperature, light-sensor readings, occupancy or season.

Using daylight to illuminate rooms rather than electric lights further reduces energy consumption.

Crestron intelligently balances room temperature and lighting to create optimal comfort, convenience, and savings.

Reason #5: UV Protection

Crestron shades are much more than stunning window treatments, they also block powerful UV rays that can seriously damage your furniture, artwork and flooring. Glare from UV rays reflecting off of televisions, computer screens and mobile devices can also be harmful to your eyes.

Crestron eliminates UV concerns, allowing you to automate your shades to raise and lower around the house according to the sun's position. This way you enjoy maximum UV protection while always making the most of beautiful natural light.


Add Lighting and Shade Automation to your home. Contact PSI at or call 232-7745.



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