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Discover the Power of Sound Masking: Creating Comfortable and Productive Spaces

In an increasingly open and interconnected world, creating spaces that offer both collaboration and privacy is no easy feat. Enter sound masking, a game-changer in space management that simultaneously fosters open communication and protects privacy. So how does it do this?

Cambridge Sound Management's Sound Masking system is an effective and economical solution that suppresses intrusive noises and safeguards speech privacy. It achieves this by releasing a subtle, almost imperceptible background sound into the environment through speakers in or above the ceiling. The result? A dramatic reduction in distractions, enhanced productivity, and a comfortable workspace.

Sound masking is versatile enough to be used in a multitude of environments.

People in a healthcare environment.

In the corporate world, it can be utilized in open office spaces, private offices, and conference rooms to create a collaborative yet private atmosphere. In healthcare, it can be used in patient rooms, waiting areas, and reception areas to maintain confidentiality while promoting healing.

The benefits of sound masking extend beyond the corporate and healthcare sectors. In hospitality, it can be used in guest rooms, lobby areas, and spas to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for guests. In government and law, it can be used in secured facilities, courtrooms, and law offices to ensure confidentiality during sensitive discussions.

Sound masking is not limited to specific industries - it can also provide value in technology companies, finance institutions, educational facilities, and even public venues such as houses of worship and conference centers. The possibilities are endless.

So why should you consider sound masking for your space?

Workspace environment

For one, it creates a collaborative work environment without compromising speech privacy. This means that employees can freely communicate and brainstorm without fear of being overheard by others.

Additionally, sound masking can reduce the need for expensive sound-absorbing materials and allow for more private offices within existing office spaces. It also helps businesses comply with privacy regulations such as HIPAA and GLBA, as well as meet LEED environmental quality requirements.

To truly understand the power of sound masking, we invite you to watch the Sound Masking 101 video or schedule a live demo with our team at PSI. Discover how you can create a comfortable and productive space for your employees with the help of sound masking.


PSI is an authorized reseller and installer of Cambridge Biamp Sound Management sound masking systems. Contact us at



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