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6 Reasons Why NOT To Install An Indoor TV Outside

If you think you can save money by installing an indoor TV outside, think again.

Friends enjoying watching TV outdoors.

Outdoor TVs are growing in popularity as people look for ways to bring some of their favourite entertainment outside. However, while outdoor TVs provide a great way to enjoy movies and shows outdoors, it’s important to understand the potential consequences of installing an indoor TV outside. Here are six reasons why you should avoid using an indoor TV outdoors (even on your porch):

SunBrite Outdoor TV installed outside.


Outdoor TVs are built with special safety features and protections that regular indoor televisions do not have. Installing an indoor TV outside without these features can be dangerous if exposed to water or moisture, leading to electric shock or other hazards.

Open the first page of any TV manual, and you’ll see a section warning you about the dangers of putting an indoor TV outside. Besides the risk of electrocution, one small short, and your cheap TV can cause some pretty expensive damage.


If you think that indoor TV is safe under your patio, think again. Humidity, dust, and sunlight can all compromise the inner workings of your device.

Weather elements such as wind, rain, extreme heat, and cold can cause damage to an indoor television that is not designed for outdoor use. This can lead to much higher repair costs and potentially a complete replacement of the device.

Outdoor TV in patio.


No one wants to watch a picture with obtrusive glare or black spots, but that’s what you’ll be faced with when your TV isn’t equipped for the outdoors.

SunBriteTVs offer three distinct models ranging from full-shade to full-sun application so that you get great performance for your specific outdoor space.

Warranty Issues

Installing an indoor TV outside will likely void its warranty as it was not designed for such use and could cause damage if exposed to certain elements. Without a valid warranty, you may be responsible for any repairs or replacements needed should something go wrong with the device.

It’s simple: If you install an indoor TV outside, you’re voiding the warranty. So if your picture goes out on the very first day, you’re out of luck (and some serious cash).

Compromised Devices

A TV shock or short due to moisture can cause damage to other connected devices, which means more equipment you may have to replace.

Outdoor TV installation.


Don’t bother rolling out and setting up a TV every time you want to be outside. With SunBriteTVs, they’re installed once, and last for years.

Ultimately, when it comes to your outdoor entertainment needs, make sure you invest in a quality outdoor TV, such as SunBriteTVs, rather than attempting to install an indoor one outdoors. Doing so could prevent potential safety, damage, performance, warranty, and device compromise issues that can arise from using an indoor TV outside.

Think twice before risking your safety or damaging your device by installing an indoor TV outdoors—it’s not worth it! Invest in an outdoor-ready model to ensure that you get all the benefits without the risks. Contact PSI to help you find and install the right outdoor TV for your space.



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